We are a strategic consultancy; advising on a variety of creative, political, and social issues.

Our mission is led by decoloniality: to decolonise institutional spaces by increasing cultural literacy.

Nyar K’Odero is a Luo construction, a tribal dialect of the people of Lake Victoria in East Africa meaning ‘Angel of the House of our Father’ - translated here as ‘Women of the Homeland.’ Nyar K’Odero Group was formed to challenge a seemingly serene “woke” narrative, to upend the status quo, and to attempt to re-reveal the nuances within these narratives that are all too convenient to ignore.

We employ the arts to propagate our vision of the world. We share our view of this world from our window. We stand and look at the socio-political stories of our time and explore them through the lens of those participants too often overlooked.

We ask questions and facilitate space so that tough issues can be considered and robustly interrogated. We ourselves are not immune from this process. We engage educators to challenge these positions. We then take the outcome of these discussions and facilitated sessions to inform our creative output.